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Hey guys! your probaly here from the amino app uhh any way grab a seat get comftorbale and grab a snack because this story is a long!                                                                                                                                                                                         The origin of human bill cipher.
Hi my names bill, bill cipher, you know behind this horror show and insanity lies inside a boy, a boy who is confused, dazed, bitter and angry at the world he calls his own, that boy is me.
Before I became a dream demon I used to be a normal little human boy before it all changed, forever.
Today I am here to tell you how I became the bill cipher you know now.
It all started when I came into the world, I was part of the cipher bloodline ya know anyway, me and my brother will we were both afflicted with a rare condition that causes one of our eyes to become blind and worthless, I kept my right eye and my brother will kept his left eye.
As we became a bit older we started to develop and grow, we both started to grow out our hair mine was a maize yellow and wills was a strange baby blue colour which both I and my parents found to be quite peculiar.
As we got to the age of 4 we were able to go to our local school, by that time we had to wear eyepatches to protect our blind eye, my brother started to be teased a lot by other kids for his blue hair and eyepatch, I watched as he stood their unable to protect himself as he started to cry, no one else came to help my brother so I stepped in, “hey! You leave my brother alone you dumb bullies!” I yelled at them, that didn’t work so I decided to lift up my eyepatch to show them my blind eye, to my shock they ran away screaming.
My brother will got up from the ground and wiped his eye from his tears “thank you brother for protecting me” he said, he hugged me tight and that’s when I made the decision to protect my brother at all costs, “I will always be here for you will” I whispered to him.
As we got older I became more social and adventures, my brother will on the other hand became extremely introverted and anti-social so he was always following me during school, when we did hang out we usually spent our time in the library reading about the mysteries on our home town gravity falls, I don’t know what it really was that drove us to reading that stuff but one faithful day it changed my life.
During recess me and my brother were eating our lunches when a group of bullies came towards us, “hey blue why don’t you get up from the ground and join us in a little game?” said one of those idiots, will refused to get up when he was suddenly grabbed by his arm and was forced to get up, I tried to help him but I was too weak, I was panicking my heart was racing I couldn’t think straight I saw a huge circle of kids form around will and the bullies, I tried to get through them but they wouldn’t budge I could hear will screaming from the other side of the kids then it went dead silent.
The kids started to descend quietly like nothing happened, I tried to get to will but he was hurt, he had bruises everywhere covering his face, his eyepatch was gone and his beautiful blue sweater was nothing but a bloody mess, I don’t know how much I cried for help that day and I don’t know how many tears I shed but when I found out he was okay I was hysterical.
Later on that day I decided to take revenge on the kids who almost killed my brother, I went to the library and picked out a book with the number 1 written on it with a slight damaged cover, I rented it and took it home, my brother was in the hospital so I had to spend my first night without him, I looked through the pages and found a summoning spell for that of a great knowing one, I decided that’s what I had to do, the only thing I could rely on to protect my brother.
I read aloud the incantation for the summoning spell but nothing happened, silence reigned through my room but something did happen that is when I fell asleep, in the dream I had woken up to find myself inside a strange room, my ten-year-old self got the better of me as I started to explore this room then I saw him the all-knowing one known as the axolotl.
“what is that you seek bill cipher?” he said in his booing voice, “I come for guidance sir, I wanted to know if I can protect my brother from anything, is there such way to protect him without hurting anyone?” I asked, the axolotl was silent and then said “take of your eyepatch, let me look through your blind eye” I took my eye patch of and let him inspect my eye.
“I see many things in you bill but you have a potential, I see you are weak to stand up and fight but I also see strong courage to defend your brother, I think I may have the answer to your question” he said, “have you ever considered becoming a dream demon?” I was shocked and scared to hear that but I let him talk “you will possess great knowledge of the galaxy and universe, you will also be able to observe your enemies weakness through their dreams making it easier to defend your brother but you can also possess people and manipulate them but that’s just SOME of the things you can do, do you wish to posses such power?” he asked.
I thought about it for a while, “as long as my brother is safe that is all I want, but I will consider becoming a dream demon if that’s what it takes sir” I said proudly, “then it is done bill, as of today you are the new dream demon of this realm, it is your duty to protect will and your family at all costs” he said, the axolotl handed me an eyepatch, it was pure black expept for one thing a yellow pyramid with an eye lay on it, “put this eyepatch on and you will become a dream demon”
I took of my old patch and replaced it with the new one and that is when it all changed, I woke up suddenly in my room confused to what just happened, I took of my eyepatch and realised it was the one from the dream, I got up and put it back on and walked towards the bathroom to inspect myself, I was completely normal except for my eye, my round pupil was gone and it was replaced with black iris, and besides that my eye was glowing a light yellow and my eyelashes have grown to a long length almost making me look as if I was a female, I realised that I really have become a dream demon and that it was my duty of protecting will.
Instead of going to school during that day, I had to go to the hospital to visit will, luckily, he was alright, I ran to see my brother and greeted him with a hello, “hey bill how’s things?” he asked me “everything’s fine will by the way have you noticed something different?” I asked him, will inspected me and said “I really like your new eyepatch where did you get it?” if I told him I became a dream demon will wouldn’t believe me so I said “I found it on the street and I took it home to clean it up, now it’s mine heh” “that’s really cool! I like how the pyramid is glowing in the light’’ will said, “I wish I had one” he said “well maybe if I walk down the street again maybe I’ll find another one for you!” I said.
Now I asked him the big question to him “what did those guys do to you will?” “I don’t really remember all I do recall is one of the guys throwing me on the ground and another just kicking me“ my blood began to boil in rage hearing what those boys did to my brother but I let him continue “then they all took turns bashing me as if I was a punching bag and then it all faded to black” I was enraged to hear what they have done to will!
“I will make sure they get what they deserve will” I said and then I noticed something, a long bloody scar across wills eye, “will your eye! Is it okay!?” I asked “oh that it’s just a scar, I didn’t do anything to my vision, I actually think it looks pretty cool” he said with a smile, I didn’t want to upset him so I left it at that, it was time for me to leave and then my parents told me “William will be able to come home with us during the day but for now he needs his rest” I nodded my head and I said my good bye to will, I had a busy day ahead of me so I too needed my rest.
I was lying around my room thinking about what to do with my new demon hood “I don’t even know how to control my powers let alone keeping my temper, oh god why didn’t I ask that axolotl how to use my powers!” I yelled out, I then went to go get the book I borrowed and tried to use the summoning spell, this time it worked instantly and I appeared in the axolotls “room” again.
“hello? Is anyone here?” I yelled then the axolotl appeared, I told him I didn’t know how to control my new found powers, “I see well I can tell you that its both easy and hard to control your powers since well you still have your physical form” he told me, “what do you mean I still have a physical form? Are you saying I cant exist in order to use my powers?” I asked him.
“no you can still control a phew powers in your physical form like making deals with humans but anything out of that line will have to make you use your powers in your less physical form, your dream form like the one you have right now!” he said.
“yes I know that but HOW do I control your powers?” I asked him again, “the strength of your powers depends on your mental stage, if your calm and motivated you can easily control them, but if your angry and frustrated your powers will spiral out of control, try floating that helps” he told me.
I tried to calm myself down and told myself to float and before I knew it I was floating of the ground, “so are you saying I can do ANYTHING now that I’m a dream demon?” I asked “yes you can do anything, let your mental state go and think freely”
I woke up, exited I tried my powers out, I told myself to float of the ground and it worked I then got a little bit creative “maybe I should spawn in something? Maybe a bird?” then a small bird flew into my room.
“okay now that’s awesome, well now that I know how to control my powers I can finally take revenge on those boys, I will make them pay” as the night fell I prepared for my journey into the minds of the bullies, I had successfully mastered my powers out in the open no I was going to go take it out on those guys.
I fell into a deep sleep and I was now what I would later call the mindscape, I searched my mind for the boys who had picked on will, they appeared in my memory and I proceeded to search for their souls in the mindscape, sure enough I found them and entered their minds bringing about their worst nightmares to life, I would think that would have been revenge until I realised something, I enjoyed bring about the mental suffering of others and that’s why I like messing with people now oh any way, since I was still in the mindscape I figured I could go visit will’s soul.
I searched for will’s soul and found it, “wait, if I go into wills soul how am I going to explain to him that I’m in their?” I asked myself, “well he was going to find out anyway heh” I laughed as I entered his mind, I found will and he was sitting by himself, “is this what will really dream’s about? I will have to sort it out” I floated towards will and as I thought he freaked out.
“B-bill? W-what are you doing in here?” will asked me “it’s a very long story, remember when I showed you the eyepatch? Well you haven’t seen my eye yet” I showed will my demon eye and he was speechless.
“Bill? What are you now?” I didn’t know what to tell him so I made my story short, “you know those kids who picked on you right? Well I borrowed a book from the library and I used it to summon a god like being and I asked him to make me a dream demon so I could inflict a little bit of revenge on them, then he gave me this eyepatch and It turned me into a dream demon and now I’m here!”
Will was absolutely speechless then he said “you did all that for me?” “I didn’t want to hurt anybody but those kids pressured me to do what I had to do, will are you okay with all this?” I’m not sure what my brother was thinking this whole time but I could tell that he wasn’t going to like it.
As the years flew by I started to track down certain kids that seemed to be a bit aggravating and brought about their very fears to life while juggling my teenagerhood, will was starting to come to terms that I wasn’t my old self anymore and he was right, I was becoming more insane by the days due to my new powers, I had also found myself to be a lot more aggressive with my attacks harming the souls of people who I have targeted not just mentally but physically, and I was finding myself to enjoy the suffering of other occasionally laughing  about while they’re been tortured by your truly.
“hey bill, why can’t you just tone down your aggressive behaviour a bit and come study with me!” will told me, “I don’t need to study bro I have the universes knowledge at my disposal right here!” and I pointed towards my head, “maybe you don’t need to study but I do, can you please help me with my work at least?” will asked.
“uhh fine! Guess I’ll have to wait until I invade someone’s mind” I said frustrated and I floated over to my brother, “alright we just need to finish these equations and were done!” will said happily, I light my hand with blue flames and snapped my fingers and our homework was done “there are you happy? I’m going to do something that’s actually beneficial to my purpose see you later will’’ I started to float away and opened up a portal then my brother suddenly jumped up and said “what happened to you?”
I stopped and turned around, seeing my brother’s reaction I knew will regrated what he said ‘’what happened to me? What happened to me!? I became an all mighty demon sworn to protect you! I became something that has a purpose! I became a being of pure energy!” my voice started to change it became more of an echo the more I spoke, my brother now terrified slowly started to back away, I could see huge tears forming in his eye.
I formed a huge devilish grin, I started to chuckle and that chuckle turned into a laugh, my brother started to speak through his tears “y-your y-your!” “insane! Psychotic? Crazy!?” I yelled, my clothes and my hair started to turn red, my eye now a seeping cold black hole with a glowing white iris started to twitch violently as my eyepatch turned into a clean white accompanied with a glowing red pyramid embedded in the middle with the same black eye.
My flames now a glowing red colour burst from my hands “furious!?” I asked will who was now frozen in place with tears dripping from his eye, I looked into his eye then for a brief moment I stopped as I let my humanity revert back to me, my parents came bursting into our room apparently drawn to the commotion caused by me.
“What the hell is going on in here!?” my father yelled, they turned towards will now shaking with fear, then they slowly turned towards to me with my furious rage still intact, “what are you?” my father slowly managed to ask, I didn’t speak instead I just floated there in silence, “did you do this boy? Did you petrify your brother!?’’ then I said “yes I did, and I enjoyed it…” my parents now terrified fearing of what I had just become fled my room with will.
I floated there as I reverted back to normal, a huge grin started to form around me as tears formed in my eye, I was laughing, later on during my school life will started completely avoiding me and once he left he would get picked on profusely and instead of protecting will I would spend my days at school stalking kids and teachers to learn their weaknesses, aside from that if someone wanted something from me they had to make a deal with me, I give them what they want and in return they HAVE to do something for me.
I remember gangs of kids coming up to me for drugs and money most of them never returning the favour so I always paid them a little visit in their dreams, then one day I toke it way too far with one kid asking me to physically harm a kid to which I said “sure why not it sounds like fun” then the kid told me who I was supposed to harm, it was my brother will.
I was hesitant at first but I accepted the deal, during class I sat next to my brother who wasn’t paying any attention to me, the kid who I made a deal with was watching me from the back of the class and soon everyone was watching me, waiting for something to happen and then I finally got up and whispered into my brother’s ear, “a deals a deal”
I grabbed my brother by the neck and watched in agony as he was suffocating, the kids were watching me in pure disbelieve as I made my grip tighter, tears were forming in my brother’s eyes as he was struggling for breath, I was watching him resisting to let go of his neck and then I let him go.
Will was crawling and struggling to get up from the floor and also struggling to breath, I calmly floated down to the shocked teens watching me, then the teacher spoke breaking the silence “cipher! This is far enough you are to march to the principal’s office im-“  I froze her in time making her a flesh statue and then I proceeded to walk towards her desk and sat down.
“this is my territory now and if you mess with me this is what happens to you” and I snapped my fingers and the frozen teacher was slowly consumed in concrete making her a large statue, the students became more terrified than amused and will was slowly starting to cower behind his desk.
As soon as the class became my territory I started moving towards to the whole school, I then started walking towards the principal’s office and as I walked everything around me started to turn weird, student’s bodily functions started to shift making them deformed, furniture and objects were given life and everything else was disintegrated.
My hand summoned blue flames and destroyed to door to the principal’s office, ‘’heya smart guy how are you!” my grin grew bigger and more insane, “cipher, are causing all of this!” he screamed, “I may or may haven’t but I did this to you!” and then I lit my hand with the blue flames and turned the principle into a banner with the screaming figure of him imbedded into the fabric including a picture of me torturing other students.
“this place is now mine!” I screamed, then I floated outside and screamed out “you will al bow down to me! And if you don’t you will become my new decorations!” then I forced all the people around me to bow down, then the people around me started screaming “you monster!” “you will get what you deserve!” “kill him!” then I started laughing “ha ha ha! Please keep those insults coming! You’re only getting into more danger!” “in fact, I really could use more couches and chairs!” then I started turning people into all kinds of furniture.
After my reign of terror I returned to my home or so I thought, when I came home I found my father clutching a knife right in front of my neck, I smiled with a demonic grin, “you really think you can hurt me?” I said “stay away from us you freak!” my father told me “you are no son of mine bill” my grin slowly faded and turned into a menacing growl, “you really think you can threaten me and get away with it? Jeeze humans are so stupid!” I said “looks like I might have to teach you all a little lesson!” I turned red and summoned my blazing red flames, “I never wanted to do this but you pushed me to far, you ALL pushed me to far!” I then unleashed my full furry on my family now petrified, this time I didn’t stop and erased them all out of existence, all except one, will, I turned around to find him standing at the door completely speechless and looking like a ghost, I turned around with a big grin and laughed “looks like I forgot someone! Here let me put you out of your misery will!”
Will who was now tearing up started to bolt out of the door, but I instead let him go, he can become a problem later, but right now I had big plans and I didn’t want anyone stopping me now! I floated outside and I thought to myself “this place needs a little redecorating!” I snapped my fingers and this house turned into a floating pyramid, almost identical to the one on my eyepatch instead it didn’t have an eye.
I later took my reign of chaos across the whole town of gravity falls, but this turned out to be bad idea since my powers weren’t strong enough to handle a whole town making this an impossible task to complete, so instead I went to visit an old friend the axolotl.
I created a portal to the mindscape and entered it hoping to find the axolotl, I found him eventually and told him everything and to my surprise he found it amusing “bill if you want to take on the whole town you have to give up your soul, since you still have one you can’t access all of your powers through your physical form you can only use them in your dream form and since you’re here I can take your soul away, so do we have a deal?” he asked “ yes we do” and I shook “hands” with him.
Then he pulled my soul out of my physical body and disintegrated it, then he handed me my suite, bow and top hat, “you can’t rule your dimension without looking like a king!” he said, I took the items from him and put it on.
“hmm not bad actually” I thought to myself, then I exited the mindscape and returned to my dimension, I then started to go back to my plan but when I wanted to use my powers nothing happened, I was fooled! “you are truly naïve cipher! The only way you can access the mortal world now is by possessing a vessel!” frustrated that I can now never pull my plans of I waited for a victim for years until I became an adult.
And then I came up with an in  genius’s plan and created the summoning spell or anyone foolish enough to come across it, and will well I never saw him again, so now you know my true origin!
Until next time, I will see you in your dreams!


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Hello im maya an aussie artist who loves all cartoons from steven universe gravity falls star vs the forces of evil mlp and etc, i make all kinds of art both traditional and digital, i DO NOT draw fetish art so if you crave that kind of thing i suggest you look else where but besides that i make character and oc art as well as animal art and i make stories, i also have a secret obsesion with bill cipher so yeah :)


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